School News

Students present on the last day of school were entered into a drawing for some pretty awesome prizes! Congratulations to the winners and we hope you enjoy your prizes! We also hope each student enjoys his or her summer vacation!

WyCo Summer Squad Enrollment Form

Every year at HCS, teachers carefully select one male and one female student for the honor of becoming Mr. Indian and Ms. Indian.  This honor is bestowed upon students who show kindness, compassion, willingness to help, dedication, and is a friend to all.  Herndon Consolidated Elementary and Middle School proudly presents Mr. Indian- Levi McKinney and Ms. Indian- McKenzie Simmons! Congratulations, Levi and McKenzie!

Band students at HCS won't let COVID stop them! A brief, one song concert was held for the camera and can be seen on our school's Facebook page!

Great job, Mr. Cook and band!


Faculty and staff came together to surprise Mrs. McKinney with cake and gifts for Principal's Day.  What a surprise for our fearless leader!


Several classes throughout the school learned about the lifecycle of butterflies by growing their own! Each class released their butterflies afterward.


Every year, faculty and staff at HCS vote on Teacher of the Year and Service Personnel of the Year.  This year, the honor of these awards go to:

Miss Shelly Morgan, Service Personnel of the Year


Miss Lisa Marsh, Teacher of the Year.

Congratulations, ladies! Thank you for being part of what makes Herndon Consolidated great!

Student Organizations/Teams

2021 HCS 6-8 Cheerleaders

2021 HCS 6-8 Girls Basketball Team

2021 HCS 6-8 Boys Basketball Team


2020-21 HCS Volleyball Team

I spy some Indian Pride!

Parent Submission:

"Two cousins at the foul line."
Submitted by Shelly Sesco, parent from MMS, after the Mullens vs. Herndon Basketball game on 3/9/21.



6th Grade Art students working on their "Bird Feeder Challenge" projects.


1st and 2nd graders listened to the book, "Alice and the Anger Sandwich" and made sandwiches from the emotions they discussed.  This activity was planned and led by Mrs. Hatfield, school counselor.


Teacher Submitted:

"Lean On Me"

Submitted by: Amanda Sesco

Miss Susie is soaking up some sun while helping keep students safe during the elementary water party.

Submitted by: Ms. Hendricks.

Herndon Consolidated presents the 8th Grade class with their silhouette art project.